“A wide-ranging and comprehensive view of what O’Sullivan calls America’s new ‘strategic boon’—the energy revolution. She shows how it is strengthening America’s economy and its position in the world, giving the U.S. new flexibility, and is also—no doubt to the surprise of many—helping improve America’s environment.”

—Daniel Yergin, Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Prize and The Quest


“Meghan O’Sullivan brings her extraordinary insight to explain how the American innovation and ingenuity behind the oil and gas boom has delivered strategic benefits to the United States – and changed the world in the process. For leaders in government and business affected by global trends, Windfall is a must-read.”

—Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Alphabet, Inc.


“In less than a decade, the energy world has turned upside down, from scarcity to abundance. Drawing on her practical experience and analytic acuity, Meghan O’Sullivan provides a convincing account of how the new energy world is transforming geopolitics and helping the United States. Windfall is a wonderfully readable book.”

—Joseph Nye, Harvard University Distinguished Service Professor, Emeritus


“A lucid and provocative look at the geopolitics of energy and the shifts and dislocations it is likely to produce.”

Kirkus Reviews


“O’Sullivan takes the significance of energy beyond the price of gas at the pump to explain how energy, technology, the environment, and politics drive foreign policy.  She demystifies and shows a new map of power, molecular and political.”

—Robert B. Zoellick, Former President of the World Bank, US Trade Representative, and

Deputy Secretary of State


“Brilliant. A must read to understand America’s new energy fortunes.  Access to massive oil and gas reserves at home provides the United States with added power and leverage, presenting new possibilities for cooperation and competition.  Windfall unpacks these complexities with great clarity and insight.”

—Michèle Flournoy, CEO of the Center of New American Security and

former Under Secretary of Defense


“As a former policy maker and a scholar, Meghan O'Sullivan is well placed to issue this urgent and timely call to policymakers to embrace a new mindset. She offers a rich and sophisticated assessment of the consequences of today’s new energy realities not only for North America, but also for Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and China.”

—Nicholas Burns, Professor, Harvard University and former Under Secretary of State


Windfall is a big idea book that offers a bold take on how energy markets shape politics and foreign policy.  In this sophisticated but highly readable narrative, she challenges much of the conventional wisdom about the benefits of America’s energy boom to the United States.”

—Diana Farrell, CEO and President JP Morgan Institute and former Deputy Director of the

National Economic Council